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Taniguchi-kagaku since 1910

Taniguchi the chemical industry
representatives on behalf of the Board of Directors President Taniguchi Hongwu (ta ni gu chi Hikaru ro Rousseau)
Venture 1910 (Meiji 43 years)
established 1951 June 11
Capital 50 million yen
Business contents boots paint class manufacturing trafficking bai boots Affiliated products Manufacture and sales
trademark linen boots クリームイーグルメダル

  •  June 1910 (M43) Created by Mr. Harumatsu Kawamura as Japan's oldest shoe creamReleased as Lion Shoes Cream
  •  August 1948 (S23) New sales office / factory established in Taito-ku, Tokyo
  •  January 1950 (S25) New sales office / factory established in Naniwa-ku, Osaka
  •  June 1951 (S26) Organization changed to Taniguchi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
  •  June 1953 (S28) Established Tokyo factory in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, and started operation in September
  •  March 1996 (H8) Completion of a new head office / factory building in Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  •  June 2010 (H22) 100th anniversary of founding
  •  October 2018 (H30) Authentic shoe care series "Excellent" is now on sale
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